GROW is an innovative school that utilizes a collaborative community approach to ensure that children and communities reach their fullest potential for happiness and success. 

GROW provides a supportive and enriching learning space in support of self-directed learning for children ages 4-18. Our model is inspired by methodologies such as Montessori, Unschooling, Agile Learning, and Democratic Education. We are members of the Agile Learning Center Network (ALC) and we’ve integrated Agile Learning Tools into our model. These tools provide GROW learners a framework to be intentional about their learning goals, organize their efforts, reflect on their results, and share their progress for authentic assessment.

GROW learning spaces are ever evolving and designed to spark curiosity and serendipitous learning opportunities. We provide learners access to a variety of sensory materials, books, games, tools, instruments, technology, and outdoor spaces that allow them to play, explore, tinker, and discover.

There are no failures at GROW. We believe in the Play, Passion, Purpose continuum. Our integrative community approach and ecosystem have been designed to support our learners GROWth through this continuum so that each one of them arrive at the purpose stage fully aware of how their unique talents and interests have value in society.



… creativity as our priority; it is the genesis to excellence.


… a self-directed learning environment, where learners are free to explore, discover, create, and solve problems.


… critical thinking by supporting learners’ desire to solve challenging problems.


… an environment where trust and honest communication inspires learners to be their truest selves.


… strength of character by providing the space, time, and encouragement needed for learners to persevere.


… an awareness of our responsibility to make choices that maintain and replenish our community and environmental resources.


… a safe place for learners to exercise integrity, seize opportunities, take risks, and learn from the outcomes.


… empathy, tolerance, emotional intelligence, and mental well-being to help learners remain conscious and aware of their needs and the needs of others.


… relationships and build trust through open dialogue where every child and adult stakeholders voice is honored.


… a culture where attention to detail, personal growth, evolution, and innovation are the standard.


… opportunities and 24/7 access for learners to creatively pursue their purpose, create, and solve problems for their families, communities, and an ever-changing world.


GROW does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identification in the administration of its educational policy, scholarship and loan programs, admissions and other school-administered programs.